The Perfect Bachelorette Party:
Wine Tasting on Long Island

Bachelorette party is an event to die for. They say it is the last fling before the bride wears the ring. Bachelorette parties have been a thing and will continue to grow the next coming years or decades. If you are planning one for a friend or your own, and you want something fun and new, without losing the classy side, why not go on a wine tasting tour on Long Island.

Consider the budget as a big factor in doing a bachelorette, but wine tastings in Long Island don’t have to be costly at all. If you still want that fancy feeling while enjoying your time with your girls, some vineyards offer free or discounted tastings and a package that is still a bargain.

And here are some things you might want to put on the drawing board as you plan that bachelorette wine tasting in Long Island and say “Vino before vows”.

Snag party pins made for the Bachelorette Crew

Be identified with cute pin buttons. Adorable and simple, you will surely love it while you sample some of the best wines New York has to offer. Make them by your own or just simply purchase some form online stores.

Wear perfectly themed shirts and accessories

The best way to instantly make a bachelorette party feel special is matching up with your gals with customized shirts and of course accessories. To keep all the fun goodies from being totally random, tie everything together with a fun party theme and coordinating phrase.

The bachelorette stands out!

Make the bride-to-be feel super special with cute accessories just for her. Whatever you do, just make sure she stands out from the rest of the group – it’s her final fling after all!

Get fancy decors

The Future Mrs. would certainly appreciate having pretty decors and accessories as she does her last fling, gone are the days of naughty bachelorette party decorations!

Get a photographer to snap for you

Hire a professional photographer to capture your day. And try to surprise the bride-to-be with a framed photo of the whole group. She will definitely love it!

Play bachelorette party games that don’t SUCK

Get Bachelorette Dare Cards, or play party games like “how well do you know the bachelorette” to spice things up. You are in a cool place sipping great wine with the besties of your life. So enjoy it with cute and sassy, but classy games.


Uber is great and all, but if you really want to take the party to the next level, get a stretch limo or party bus to cart the bride tribe around the vineyards! Limos are always fun and a great way to make a regular weekend feel a little more special.

Enjoy the wine tastings with a snack or two

In wine tasting tours, vineyards most of the time offer pairing that would be perfect for the wines they have. Try to take note of these and maybe do it on the BIG DAY, the groom would certainly go along with it!

Jam with your favorite playlist while cruising along the vineyards

It’s not a party without a music! Download bachelorette party playlist and then add in some of the bride-to-be’s favorites. She’ll love the extra, personal touch.

Plan it with the best wine tours around

You are there to enjoy the best time of your lives. Celebrating with a friend that’s about to Tie the Knot. Get in touch with a wine tour around Long Island, like LiVino Tours who has been doing the business for 24 years now. They’ll do the hard stuff while you just sit back and enjoy the celebration.

Call all the girls and head on out to North Fork for the best time of your lives. Celebrate a lady’s milestone!

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